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4,5 Sterne aus 28 Bewertungen
17 Nov 2020 um 9:04 Unglaublich lecker, sehr zu empfehlen!
3 Nov 2020 um 15:25 Unfassbar lecker und tolle Portionsgröße!!
19 Aug 2020 um 18:54 Excellent food, and I thought the portions were generous: we had leftovers for the next day.
22 Jul 2020 um 7:06 It is a bit expensive but we loved the food from Rosa Caleta. The beef ragout was especially good, but we also enjoyed the jerk chicken, the plantains, and the beef patties. It was so good we ordered it again the next night!
25 Mai 2020 um 13:58 We ordered the jerk chicken and the Beef Stew. Jerk chicken was not as Jerky as I would have liked it to be and the steamed cabbage didn’t taste like much sadly. The beef stew was great! Pretty pricey however so I don’t think I’d order her frequently.
10 Feb 2020 um 21:29 It’s simply the best!
6 Jan 2020 um 13:17 Preis-Leistung Verhältnis ist nicht in Ordnung. Zu teuer.
26 Nov 2019 um 11:40 Food was delicious as always!
11 Nov 2019 um 11:16 Food was on time ( Delivery was 55min and it came even 5min earlier ) and the best about it - It was still HOT like is just ordered it in the Restaurant. Food tasted amazing as always and was wrapped safely so nothing could spill. Can just recommend.
28 Okt 2019 um 11:55 Good food but massively, massively, overpriced.
1 Mai 2019 um 21:30 Jerk Chicken: half the sauce was spilled = dry rice. Meat portion was generous. The dumpling was a raw, minimally cooked lump of dough. Three fried plaintain slices with a tablespoon of coleslaw: no comment, really. For €18? That's just sorry, blood.